Vision, Mission and Strategy

The Institute of Economics is a leading institute of the University of St. Gallen which makes internationally recognized contributions to research, teaching and economic policy debate.

Our research is independent, innovative and strongly tied to socially relevant questions. Our research is published in renowned international journals and made available to the public in a convenient form.

Our teaching is research-based and meets the highest standards of content and instruction. We make important contributions to the teaching of the School of Economics and Political Science (SEPS) and are committed to the advancement of young scientists at all levels.

Our contributions to the economic policy debate are independent and research-based. We analyze socially relevant issues at the regional, national and international levels.

Our research, teaching, and consulting activities are organized decentrally to guarantee the freedom of research and teaching as well as the financial independence of our professors.

We regularly organize international conferences in St. Gallen.

We regularly organize internal conferences which are aimed at the promotion and advancement of our young academic staff.

We support the establishment and operation of the Center for Economic Policy WPZ-HSG.

The following list mentions, for the period starting from 1990 onwards, former employees, who after the academic years spent at FGN-HSG have today prominent positions in science, business and politics:

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