HS 2024 / FS 2024

Prof. Stefan Bühler  HS BBWL, BVWL, BLE, BIA Mikroökonomik II: Vorlesung und Selbststudium
  HS  BBWL, BVWL, BLE, BIA Microeconomics II  
Prof. Guido Cozzi FS  BBWL, BVWL, BLE, BIA Macroeconomics III
Prof. Samuel Häfner HS   Economics: Micro for Computer Science
  FS   Economics: Micro for Computer Science
  FS   Introduction to Market Design
Prof. Ola Mahmoud HS BBWL, BVWL, BLE, BIA Mathematics for Economists 
  FS BBWL, BVWL, BLE, BIA, DSF  Stochastic Methods in Finance 
  FS   Behavioral Finance
Prof. Michèle Müller-Itten FS   Mikroökonomik III
  FS   Microeconomics III
Prof. Paolo Piacquadio  HS BBWL, BVWL, BIA Intergenerational Fairness
  HS BBWL, BVWL, BLE, BIA Economic Incentives and the Law: A Decision-Theoretic Approach
  FS    Introduction to Normative Economics
Prof. Stefan Bühler  HS MECON, MiQE/F, MIA Topics in Industrial Organization 
Prof. Guido Cozzi  FS    Kulturen/Cultures: China's New Place in the Geopolitical Order since the Ukraine War
Prof. Samuel Häfner  FS   Corporate Finance, Banking and Venture Capital
  FS   Blockchain Markets
Prof. Paolo Piacquadio  FS  MECON, MiQE/F When Distribution Matters: Inequality, Mobility, Poverty, and Welfare
Prof. Guido Cozzi HS PIF, PEcon, PEF Quantitative Macroeconomics: A Practical Approach for All
Prof. Michèle Müller-Itten HS PIF, PEcon, PEF Microeconomics for Finance