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Information for Students

Teaching at FGN-HSG

More information to the courses:

Prof. Stefan Bühler
Prof. Guido Cozzi
Prof. Dennis Gärtner
Prof. Christian Keuschnigg
Prof. Ola Mahmoud
Prof. Paolo Piacquadio

With additional links to requirements for Bachelor- and Master-thesis applications and Reference Letters:

Frontbild Jöhr-Vorlesung

Walter-Adolf-Jöhr Vorlesung 6th of May 2022

Speaker: Prof. Kaushik Basu
University of St. Gallen, Room: 09-011
(further information will follow)

Frontbild Internationale Tagung 2022

International Conference FGN-HSG, 18th-19th May 2022

At Einstein Congress
(further information will follow)


SNF Projects and Grants

Prof. Stefan Bühler was awarded a SNF research project on “Pricing in a Digital World” (2018-2022). Project partners are Prof. Daniel Halbheer and Prof. Thomas Epper. Dr. Nicolas Eschenbaum is employed as a post-doctoral researcher.

Prof. Guido Cozzi was awarded a SNF research project titled: "Post-Pandemic Economic Outlook: Automation, Reshoring, Education, and Growth" (2021-2025). Dr. Maria Iordache-Bolboaca works on this project as a post-doctoral researcher.

Prof. Thomas Epper was awarded a SNF research project titled: "Identifying Risk and Ambiguity Preferences Free From Context" (2020-2021). The project is a joint project with PD Dr. Christian Biener of the Institute of Insurance Economics (I.VW-HSG), and involves a collaboration with the University of Copenhagen and industry partners. Furthermore Prof. Epper was awarded the SNF research project "Go for it while you can" (2019-2022). The project involves an international collaboration with Prof. Ferdinand Vieider (University Gent; co-investigator) and Prof. Mohammed Abdellaoui (HEC Paris; project partner).

Prof. Christian Keuschnigg has received project funding (GFF) form University of St. Gallen for the project "Financial Institutions, Growth, and Taxes" (2022-2023). Dr. Michael Kogler is employed as a post-doctoral researcher.

Prof. Ola Mahmoud was awarded a SNF research project titled "Sustainable Finance, Inequality, and Poverty" (2021-2024). The PhD assistant Lea Tschan and the assistant Lauritz Storch are working on this project.

Philipp Zahn has received a Grant from the Ethereum foundation for the research project "A software assistant for the game-theoretically sound design of smart contracts and governance structures" (2021). The project is a collaboration with Jules Hedges from Strathclyde University and is supported by Statebox, an industry partner.

Prof. Philipp Zahn has received another grant in autumn 2021 for a research project. The Hasler Stiftung, Bern supports his project: "Computational Learning in Economic Games: Competitive Effects of Pricing Software Systems". The project is a collaboration with Dr. Nicolas Eschenbaum (Postdoc, FGN-HSG).