Industrial Organization Workshop: Markets and Information

24-25 September 2020

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Information for Students

Teaching at FGN-HSG

Requirements for Bachelor- and Master-thesis applications and Reference Letters:

Prof. Stefan Bühler

Prof. Guido Cozzi

Prof. Dennis Gärtner

Prof. Christian Keuschnigg


Prof. Guido Cozzi's interview about Coronavirus

Yesterday, on The Telegraph, Prof. Guido Cozzi's interview about Coronavirus.


SNF Projects

Prof. Christian Keuschnigg was awarded a SNF research project on “Banks, Reallocation, and Economic Performance” (2019-21). Dr. Michael Kogler is employed as a post-doctoral researcher.

Prof. Thomas Epper was awarded a SNF research project titled "Identifying Risk and Ambiguity Preferences Free From Context" (2020-2021). The project is a joint project with PD Dr. Christian Biener of the Institute of Insurance Economics (I.VW-HSG), and involves a collaboration with the University of Copenhagen and industry partners. Furthermore Prof. Epper was awarded the SNF research project "Go for it while you can" (2019-2022). The project involves an international collaboration with Prof. Ferdinand Vieider (University Gent; co-investigator) and Prof. Mohammed Abdellaoui (HEC Paris; project partner).

Prof. Stefan Bühler was awarded a SNF research project on “Pricing in a Digital World” (2018-2022). Project partners are Prof. Daniel Halbheer and Prof. Thomas Epper. Dr. Nicolas Eschenbaum is employed as a post-doctoral researcher.




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